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super sloppy sonnet 04/17/2014

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“Hello, my name is Juliet.”
This intro is inevitably met
With the question “Who’s your Romeo?”
Well, if you really want to know,

I’d be sincere, but truth be told
You’d much prefer a lie.
Growing up in Ohio I’d say, “I’m gay,”
But here no one bats an eye.

My friends prefer to call me Jules
Besides, I’m not really gay
I’m pansexual- pan means all, not kitchen tools,
So when they ask about Romeo I just say

You know, I’m not holding my breath.
I don’t care about Romeo: just Juliet.


And Not the Good Kind 03/02/2014

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We’re in a mutual agreement
Not to seek each other out,
But they still appear
From under the crockpot
Like unwanted thoughts
In nooks of neural pathways.

Driven up the Hill by Bertha’s tunnel
It’s us versus the arthropods,
So don’t let artificial selection bungle it
like we did with antibiotics.

An army of insects resistant
Ratchets the creep factor up
Way to drop the ball, humanity.


Shapeshifter 02/21/2014

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Sweets for the sweet,
And fat for the fat- but first
You must deprive yourself of that
Which consumes you, presumes you
For decades produced by a sugary tooth
A preponderance of adipose,
An extra-large hourglass,
An outline essentially gendered.

You always played at transformers,
A desire aimed at metamorphosis
Into a mesomorphic flying V,
Flat, but not straight,
A stubborn shapeshifter
That only feels how she wants to
Unless the stress necessitates an undress,
A Sailor Scout transformation:
Height, weight, then gender.


Lumpy Space Sonnet 02/05/2014

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I tried to punch out these lumps
To satisfy a Nice King- I’m a chump
Smoothness wasn’t his bag
(Turns out he’s not a fag.)

Neither am I, it turns out.
This little teapot, short and stout,
Lacks the stature and the spout
It’s all news to me- I just found out

That I need a man more than a fish needs a bike
Never could get the hang of being a dyke
I’m doing dual duty, a double gay double bind,
What if lumpy fag hags are smooth on the inside?

Perhaps if I keep searching inward I’ll find
The True Meaning of Gender for all Lumpy kind.


Affliction 01/19/2014

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Prosody, like photosynthesis,
is subject to certain conditions.

The poet must be steeped in solitude,
Resinous with longing.

Still stricken with the same affliction,
Obsession the driver of my condition
Generating neurotransmitters addictive
Cyclical bliss, rejection then catharsis,
Allowing poems to come to fruition
Words to form a coalition

A composition that conspired
To betray my innards.


Jimmy 01/05/2014

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Throwing Osage oranges,
Creeks crossed, years gone
Koi caught from neighbor’s pond
Carbon monoxide kept you
From reminiscing, twelve years on.

Southern Ohio drawl, sparkling baby blues,
Your scary Grandpa’s guns, a horoscope on TV
What in you surrendered to me
From innocence to puberty?
That was then. Now I’d prefer no men
But now and again I remember when
I wrote that first fateful note,
The one you took as a joke:
“Don’t be afraid if you like me.”



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Years of doubt are getting to me. If anyone actually reads my poems, they should leave a comment. I get discouraged sometimes looking at that flat line that tells me I have zero page views that never seems to move.



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