crumbled and rolled

Cosmia 11/20/2014

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I thought you were me, once.
Drawn to unmistakable radiance
Like a moth unafraid to fly
Into the light it loves, lest it die:
Such a sun was my fiery fate.

In retrospect, I should have realized
I’m the only me.


hello? 11/15/2014

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Hey everyone, thanks for following my blog. If you’ve enjoyed my poetry, I’d love to hear a little about what it is that interests you about it. I’ve been posting my writing here for over five years, and I have never gotten too much traffic up until the past year or so when I started tagging my poems. I’ve always just assumed people don’t care about poetry, so I’ve never promoted this blog at all. But I gain a few followers each time I post and tag a poem now, and I’m curious as to what drew you here.

I’d appreciate any feedback you have to offer, and again, thanks for reading.


Humpty 11/13/2014

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Eggshell fine
With a slight sheen of wine,
In increments I’ll inch there.

I cracked once before, you know.

Caught in a sudden emotional squall,
I was so enthralled I fell off the wall.
It took all my men
to mend me again.

I wouldn’t recommend it at all.


Live it through

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All these years accumulated
Mean nothing to you.
Yet each Shabbat
I’m reminded I’m rich,
Since she who is wealthy
Is one content with her lot.


Recurring Dream 10/20/2014

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Appreciate your teeth.
I lose mine twice a week in my sleep.
Instinctual, like birds migrating south
They clamber, bloodied, out of my mouth
Their enamel feet leaving tracks in the street.
Gumming on food I long to eat,
I’m unable to stop their retreat.
Appreciate your teeth.


Specters 08/27/2014

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Ghosts proliferate here:
Fossilized memory remnants
Fuel the perpetual emotion machine.

Spectral-fed gears
Gnash their teeth,
Fed steadily on irrational fears &
Worst possible outcomes.

We think thousands of thoughts a day.
Each is a unique chance to let go of all these sticks
yet still I can’t sleep more than six hours
Without waking up to worry.


Thirst 07/05/2014

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Imagine if Tantalus
finally managed
A handful of water
Only to find
After all this time
It wasn’t water-
it was brine.



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